Helwigs Family Nursery
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Zoar, Ohio  44697
Grower of 400 named dayliles and companion flowering shrubs and plants.
Sell retail daylilies 
Retail and wholesale of shrubs and perennal plants.
Wholesale supplier of rooted cuttings  and liners to the retail market.

 Arrowwood Viburnum, Mature Plant
.80 for a one year old seedling

Arrowwood Viburnum, mature plant sporting it creamy white spring blooms. Fall the viburnum will have clusters of brings blue berries, that the birds and wildlife adore for winter fuel.  This plant is suitable for wind bread hedge.   Viburnums are the back bones to home gardens with sping and fall beauty.  One year seedling liners, ready to go into a gallon pot, as this plant grows fast the after the first season.  .80 a plant   Propagation is done by HW, SW, layering and seed.

Cranberrybush Viburnum , .87 plant

Cranberrybush Viburnum showing off it spring flowers and beautiful maple shaped leaves that turn brillant red in the fall with cranberry colored berries.  Wildlife love the berries and the a used to make jellies.  A must have for the viburnum collector.  .87 a plant one year old seedlin.   Can for propagated with HW, SW cuttings, layering and seed.

Cranberrybush viburnum fall foliage, stunning!


Kousa Dogwood, .87

Mature plant in full spring bloom, the blooms are the same as a woodland dogwood, but bloom later and have much larger flowers. A good tree stock for budding other cultivars of dogwood onto.  One year old seedlings offered for .87  plant
Propagation can be done with SW, HW and seed.

Kousa Dogwoods fruit, late summer


Fall color of the Kousa Dogwood


Old Fashion Lilac  1.25 a plant

Old Fashion Lilac has stood the test of time, always a favorite and such a welcomed site and smell that spring is well on its way.  Highly scented, must better scent than the newer introduced lilacs.  If you like to dapple in budding this plant also is a good root stock for budding.  These seedlings are 3 years old and most will need 2 gallon or larger pot. A great deal on a 3 year old liner.  $1.25   Propagation can be done root cuttings, sucker removal, layering, SW cuttings, seeds.

Silky Dogwoods fall berries, .80 a plant

Silky Dogwood is another great hedge plant, that feeds the wildlife with it blue colored berries, leaves turn red in fall and stems turn red in the winter whichs makes it a great winter interest plant.  Red stems are stunning against white snow.  Blooms in spring with small white flower.  One year old liners, most over 8 inch high, will need one gallon or larger pot, some will need roots pruned for one gallon pot,  which must be done in dormancy.  .80 a plant    Propagation is done with SW, HW, layering and seed.

Silky Dogwoods winter wine red stems, stunning against white snow!


Black Eyed Susans, summer time favorite  .50 a plant

Can't go wrong with this summer time favorite, butterflies love it and it tolerates summer droughts.  Good cut flower.

Hakuro Nishiki Willow   Unrooted cuttings .25 a piece, min. order 25

This is one my favorite willows, needs pruned several times a season to keep it in tip top shape, but well worth the fuss, as new growth shows this plant real beauty.  New grow is green white and the tips of the branches are pink, which does not show up in the picture.  If grafting is your thing, try grafting onan up right standard for the expensive and stunning tree form. 
This plant is used heavily in the landscape trade and I alway sell this one out in retail sales.  HW cuttings are very easy, just stick in damp rooting medium up to the second bud and keep damp, will root when weather warms.  If you want 1 gallon plants, we will have available for fall shipment,  please pre order  $1.97 a gallon barerooted